Sunday, January 9, 2022

EPISODE 11: Get Wrecked!

Today's Episode follows the story of another Often Overlooked Woman in Rock and Roll History. A Musician. A Legend. Carol Kaye. Another name that you should all know, but if you don't. After this episode it will be a name you will never forget since you have most definitely heard - and most definitely love, many of the hits she’s played on. 

We Also Talk about The Clique known as The Wrecking Crew! 


Johnny Ramone - Viva Las Vegas

Tommy Dorsey - Sentimental Over You

Scott Joplin - Original Rag 

Czerny - Waterfall

Bobby Crosby Orchestra - Zoot Suit 

Guitar Avenues - Tea For Two 

Charlie Christian - Poor Butterfly

Achim Kohl - Bebop Jazz Blues 

Ritchie Valens - La Bamba

Ronettes - Walking in the Rain (Instrumental) 

Nancy Sinatra - These Boots (Instrumental) 

Batman Theme!  

Beach Boys - Good Vibrations


Carol Kaye . com - Support!! 

Alka Seltzer / Wrigleys - Commercials

Carol Kaye - Sessions Legend Full Interview

The Wrecking Crew Documentary 

Batlemania Speaks! - Podcast Interview 

Midnight Lightning - Podcast Interview


Please Kill Me


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