Monday, October 31, 2022

EPISODE 13: The Crossroads (Halloween Special)

Todays episode takes place in the 1930s on a dark, foggy road Deep down south in mississippi. At a place where two dirt roads meet. a place known as the Crossroad. Culturally throughout time a Crossroad represents a place of ambiguity. To some, its a portal between two realms, “a place that’s neither here nor there”. 


This tale follows a young man by the name of Robert Johnson. He is a legendary guitar player, known as one of the originators or the Delta Blues sound. According to legend one day the young mr. Johnson took himself on down to one of these crossroads and As Legend has it, he met The Devil Himself and made a deal to sell his soul in exchange for some ripping guitar skills that could melt the faces off everyone down on the river delta.



Im Back! Instrumental

Gadzby - Grim Grinning Ghosts

Tom Conlon - Munsters Theme

Raymond Walker - Mississippi Dippy

Document Records - Mississippi Blues

Koki Nitobe - Terraplane Blues 

Jelly Roll Blues Band - Red Hots

 Danny Glovers Finest Moment


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