Tuesday, March 21, 2023

EPISODE 16: Rumble - Link Wray

 Todays story follows the tale a Native American Man, who by wielding an electric guitar managed to roughen up the course of rock and roll history by making the genre dangerous, sexy and even more notorious than ever before.. And he did it by only strumming 3 simple little guitar chords. Amazing right?

Garage Rock, Punk rock, heavy metal all the rocks all the metals all owe this man their respect and beer..a man named Link Wray and the big little song he came up with called 




The Shadows - Apache 

Merle Johnston - If I Had My Way

Mike Scott - Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Thomas Ramsay - If I Had A Hammer

Chet Atkins - The Entertainer

Curtis Gordon - Mobile Alabama

Link Wray - I Sez Baby

Jimmy Dean - I Found Out 

Chuck Berry - Carol

The Diamonds - The Stroll 

Link Wray - RUMBLE

Link Wray - Aint That Lovin You Baby 

Link Wray - Rawhide 


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