Friday, February 28, 2020

EPISODE 3: Payola Party 
Mr. Alan Freed is a man who I dont think needs any introduction.
If you need an introduction to Alan Freed then this episode is the place to start!

He was a radio DJ who pre-dates the term "Rock and Roll" .. some people even say he coined the phrase!

The Moondog himself, had a wild and energetic career as the voice of a generation, introducing many teenagers across the nation to a wide variety of different types of rhythm and blues.
Stephen W. Terrell's (MUSIC) Web Log: THROWBACK THURSDAY: The Moondog Coronation Ball

Unfortunately he was caught up in the "PAYOLA" scandal.

Check out this show to get acquainted and pay your respects the man, the myth, the LEGEND!

Ventures - Twilight Zone
Trixie Smith - My Man Rocks Me
Benny Goodman - Lets Dance
Gene Ammons - Jug Head Ramble
Bill Haley - Rock Around the Clock (w/ Freed)
Frankie Lymon/Teenagers- Baby Baby (w/ Freed)
The Moonglows - 2 Songs (w/ Freed) 
Danny/Juniors - Rock and Roll is Here to Stay

-Full Episode with Alan Freed on
WINS New York
March 23rd 1955 (it was a Wednesday)

-Excellent Short Doc By Frank Allan

Show Notes:

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